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Keepnet guidance

To protect our fisheries from disease the Committee have banned the use of keepnets for pleasure anglers on Malcolm Barker Lake and are are strongly recommending that pleasure anglers do not use keepnets on any of the other Club waters.


We do not want to introduce a complete ban so ask that if you do still feel the need to use your keepnet then we ask that you follow the keepnet guidance below.

The Committee still reserve the right to ban keepnets if the guidance is abused, if there are prolonged periods of hot weather or if there is an outbreak of disease in the area.

All nets must be completely dry before use to minimise the risk of transferring infectious disease/parasites to the water.

All keepnets must be fish safe and a minimum of 2.5m in length.

Separate nets should be used for carp and silver fish unless the carp are under 2lb.

No carp over 8lb or other species over 5lb to be retained in keepnets.

No fish to be retained for longer than 6 hours.

At least 2/3rds of the keepnet should be fully submerged when in use.

Maximum weight of fish in a keepnet should be no more than 50lb.

Tip fish back in carefully with the keepnet partially submerged in the water to help prevent fish damage and minimise scale loss.

Separate rules may apply in matches.

Thank you all for your co-operation.

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