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Sunday, 30 October 2022

Beggars Hall

Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing

1st Gary Pickard 60lbs 11oz
2nd Peter Green 22lbs 8oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 18lbs 4oz
4th Mark Halverson 15lbs 8oz

Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing
Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing

Gary's day
Half term and last minute commitments took their toll on SW's team so we decided to make it an individual match. True to form of late, as the draw neared so did the rain and it was a wet few first hours. At the draw I pulled out peg 17; a decent peg if you can land the fish you hook. With peg 18 staying in the draw bag I was in with a good chance.

Swapping between a small method feeder and bomb and pellet towards the island saw odd small indications but only a few proper bites. By the half way point I had 4 fish in the net. Each played very carefully as it was clear it was not going to be a bagging day despite fish crashing out all day. At around 1 the lake came to life a bit with Peter getting a good fish on peg 12 which led him a merry dance on the pole between the 2 lily beds and John was into another on peg 4. I had a couple more on the method before all signs faded so it was on to the pole short. After wading through the perch I had a couple more carp down the edge to finish with 8 carp for just over 60lbs.

1st Gary Pickard 60lbs 11oz, 2nd Peter Green 22lbs 8oz (Peter added another good carp), 3rd Phil Whitmill 18lbs 4oz and 4th Mark Halverson 15lbs 8oz including a bream of around 3lbs.

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