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Sunday, 29 January 2023

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match/outing

1st Phil Whitmill 44lbs
2nd Peter Green 8lbs 13oz
3rd Mark Halverson 5lbs 10oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Gary's day

After a slowly warming week most of the ice had melted at the lake with just the first few pegs near the car park unfishable. At the draw it was deja vue all over again as peg 8 came out for me, I really would like to fish another peg soon. At least the setting up was quicker which was handy as I set up a bit of everything as we expected it was going to be a hard day given the ice water that had gone in.

Mark got off to a quick start on peg 6 followed by Peter on peg 7 about 30 mins later. By the halfway point I was biteless with not a sign on feeder or pole (and lunch already eaten). Time for an emergency trip to Phil on peg 12 to cadge a slice of bread. Phil was seeing a lot more action with 4 carp at the time of my visit.

Well the bread did not work either. Peter and Mark were still getting a few bites but it was looking very quiet on the lake. Finally the tip went round with 20 mins to go and a small mirror was very carefully played to the net and a DNW avoided. And that was it for me.

Phil ran away with the match with 10 carp with the rest of us struggling for the odd bite - roll on Spring.

1st Phil Whitmill 44lbs, 2nd Peter Green with 8lbs 13oz and 3rd Mark Halverson with 5lbs 10oz.
Photo today has us getting ready for the off - Phil in the distance, then Dave and Jeff.

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