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Sunday, 17 September 2023

Home Farm Small Lake

Club match/outing

1st Gary Pickard 152lbs 10oz
2nd Rob Calderon 65lbs 15oz
3rd Mark Halverson 53lbs 15oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Gary's day

Today saw us at Home Farm's small lake near Little Walden. With a Caravan Club meeting the last 2 weeks the lakes had seen plenty of pressure.

Out of the drawbag came peg 8 for me which I was pretty happy with. On getting to the peg a little gardening was needed as the rushes had gone mad. With margins restored it was time to decide on tactics. With the water being low and foulhooking always an issue in this shallow lake it was time for big baits to pin the rig to the bottom and shallow rigs.

A start out long on 6mm pellets was fruitless; a couple of small bites likely from roach. Likewise having a go at the odd cruising carp I could make out did not work. At this stage, Rob 2 pegs to my right, was starting to catch. It was time to try and get a few bites.

I had been feeding the odd pellet to my margins which were pretty much the same depth as out long - 2 foot or so. 3 fish in 3 puts in on paste had my day sorted. I kept pinging the odd pellet long and giving it a go to rest the margins but I may as well have gone for some walks. Between runs of foulhooking fish and needing to make a few changes to convert to proper hookholds the bites kept coming. The far bank was struggling despite it looking perfect with a warm wind heading their way but the fish had other thoughts. Rob also seemed to still be catching with some regular splashing from the other end of the lake - apparently not as many as I thought as quite a bit was down to some very active carp trying to escape his nets.

At the weigh in a busy day saw me with 152lbs 10oz with Rob Calderon on 65lbs 15oz and Mark Halverson on 53lbs 15oz. Pic today is Tony, Mark, Rob (hidden) and Phil (lurking in the background) at the weigh in.

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