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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Malcolm Barker Lake

Summer League match

1st John Carter 8lbs 5oz
2nd Phil Whitmill 3lbs 4oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 2lbs 13oz
4th John Todd 2lbs 9oz

Summer League match
Summer League match

Phil's day

Good morning to all. The Weds Club fished its sixth and final match of the summer league at the Malcolm Barker Lake, we all knew it would be hard going because of the very cold nights,

I drew peg 3, not too bad a peg. I only made up two rigs and left the feeder in the car. I made one line at 7 sections and a 2nd line as close as I could to the lily pads - one rig was a 16 match hook to 4lb line and my other rig was a 18 match hook to 3lb line. As predicted it was rock hard but I manage to winkle out a few roach and rudd for a weight of 3lb 4oz.

First place was John Carter with 8lbs 5oz mainly tench, 2nd Phil Whitmill with 3lbs 4oz, 3rd place was Jeff Pearson with 2lbs 13oz and 4th place with 2lbs 9oz was John Todd. Well done to all on a very hard day. Thank you to Peter and Sally-Anne for their assistance on the day.

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