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Wednesday, 25 January 2023

River Stort Backwater

Winter League match

1st Jeff Pearson 4lbs 7oz
2nd Phil Whitmill 4lbs 0oz
3rd Terry Moranda 3lbs 15oz
4th Dave Jones 3lb 9oz

Winter League match
Winter League match

Phil's day

Good morning to everyone, the Weds Club fished its 4th round of the winter league on the Backwater of the River Stort. It was a very frosty start with temps of below zero but all pegs were clear of ice and easily fishable. I drew peg 12, not a bad peg, so I fancied my chances today. Made two lines with a clear run through on my middle track that was going to be my main line and an overdepth line for perch over the back next to a barge. Started off on red maggots for the roach with a backup of bread punch if it didn't pan out.
Started catching more or less straight away small roach and rudd with the odd dace. This carried on for most of my day until the temperature dropped and the drizzle of rain started then it died so over to my long line by the barge. Got a small perch within minutes then a few more roach and stayed there till the end of the match. I weighed in 4lbs and hoping to beat Dave on the next peg who was leading the league at the time.

1st Jeff Pearson (I might as well go home now at the draw) with 4lbs 7oz , 2nd Phil Whitmill with 4lbs 0oz, 3rd Terry Moranda with 3lbs 15oz and 4th Dave Jones with 3lb 9oz. Well done to all for being there in such cold conditions, the pic was taken in warmer days - John Todd on Peg 5.

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