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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Taylor's Lake (Abbey Cross water)

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

1st Alan Sims 36lbs 6oz
2nd Nick Farral 12lbs 8oz
3rd Martin Adams 11lbs 8oz
4th Sam Robinson 10lbs 13oz
5th Fred Hunt 8lbs 10oz

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)
Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished its first inter-club match against Abbey Cross club. Woke up to a really frosty morning - boy was it cold with a raw edge to the wind. Drew peg 38 that was a very good peg and was thinking the drawing arm is still working unfortunately had to donate the peg for one reason or another so got 51 instead. Not bad a peg but very narrow so only made one rig as that was all that was needed. Fished about 10 meters and cupped out some micro pellets and red mags with a small amount of groundbait. I had nothing in the first hour but kept the faith and plodded on and then, out of the blue, had a f1 about 2lb. By midday and a little more feed I got another one about the same size with 2 hours to go. I fought back the cold I was sitting in a cross wind and it was bloody cold under trees with no sun at all. With half hour to go managed another f1 carp and a 1oz roach which gave me 8th place on a 20 peg match so not so bad.

Congrats to the winners,1st Alan Sims with 36lbs 6oz, 2nd Nick Farral with 12lbs 8oz, 3rd Martin Adams with 11lbs 8oz, 4th Sam Robinson with 10lbs 13oz and 5th Fred Hunt with 8lbs 10oz

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