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Charity match Sat 17 June @ Hall Farm

From Darren Martin at Fishing in Mind ....

Hi all, I am super excited to announce our first match!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

The match is going to be used as a fundraiser for our group, and also for Butterfly effect wellbeing entre CIC in association with Angel Wings

Butteryfly effect wellbeing:

The entry fee will be split 3 ways: 50% into the prize fund for 1st to 3rd place; 25% for our group; and the other 25% to the other group.

Get in touch to get booked in!

Darren 07800 579777

£5.00 secures your spot, £10 cash on the day.

BSDAS match rules apply! (these will be sent out on an individual basis)

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