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Spring is heading our way honestly - who are you taking fishing this year?

It might not feel it but we are heading towards Spring and, hopefully, the worst of the Winter is behind us.

Have you thought who you will be fishing with this year?

Fishing is a great way to get into the outdoors whether young or old.

Introducing someone to fishing for the first time or helping them restart after dabbling in their youth is something we can all give back to the sport we love. You are not alone and there are some fantastic online resources to help you - some examples here:

I am sure other members have their own recommendations too

Some top tips:

  • Go somewhere with plenty of fish - it is hard to teach someone when no one is getting bites.

  • Keep your first sessions short.

  • Be prepared not to do much fishing yourself.

  • Look out for events like the Angling Trust's Get Fishing and the EA's free day tickets

  • Watch our website for info on the try fishing days we usually run later August.

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