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Club bye-laws

Approved at AGM on 5 April 2023
BSDAS Byelaws/Rules
1.    The present byelaws of the Environment Agency (or successor body) shall be observed at all times.  Your attention is drawn to the Environment Agency byelaw No. 10(ii) concerning unattended rods (and see Rule 6).
2.    Members must not while on Society controlled waters:
(a)    Leave litter such as unwanted food, tins, bottles, paper, polythene bags, nylon line, hooks etc. Members occupying a swim will be held responsible for the cleanliness of that swim.
(b)    Any angler found with litter in their swim will have their Membership Card marked with a warning.  Further breaches of this rule will attract an automatic ban until the next Committee Meeting (see Rule 14).
(c)    Unduly tread down or otherwise damage banks, vegetation, fencing and other property of any fishery.  Minor “gardening” such as trimming back reeds and removing branches that have fallen in are permitted.  If you consider further work is needed to make a swim/peg fishable please contact the Committee.  Climbing of trees is not permitted.
(d)    Use any camping equipment e.g. stoves, open fires or barbeques for cooking/heating, tents, polythene sheeting, bedding etc.  Recognised angling equipment such as bivvies/chairs may be used.  Members may use a small angling equipment type of stove for heating food and drink but such use must be undertaken responsibly and is entirely at the risk of the Member.  The Committee may suspend use of stoves in the interests of safety.
(e)    Use radios or similar so as to be audible from adjacent pegs/swims.  It is recommended that Members use headphones/earphones where possible to avoid noise nuisance.
(f)    Fly drones or operate other remote controlled vehicles over or on Society controlled waters and grounds.
(a)    Banned baits on all Society controlled waters are as follows:
(i)    Tiger nuts, peanuts, pet foods (including biscuits), chrysodine and other carcinogenic substance dyed maggots (safe coloured dyes may be used), bloodworm and joker, boilies (see Rule 3(a)(ii) for exceptions) and pellets greater than 8mm in diameter.
(ii)    Dumbbell shaped boilies up to 8mm in diameter are allowed as hook baits only, they must not be used as loose fed.  Both normal and “wafter” versions can be used.
(b)    The use of gorge baits is strictly prohibited on all waters.
(c)    No pre-baiting (please note swims cannot be reserved).  
(d)    No spodding/spombing or bait boats.  Bait up / swim feeders of a maximum of 5cm in diameter and 7cm in length are permitted.
(e)    Only two kilos of bait per person per 24 hour period may be used.  All unused bait must be removed from the fishery and not thrown into the water. 
4.    No fish to be taken away from any fishery, killed or transferred from one fishery to another, other than for fishery management as agreed by the Committee.
5.    Members are allowed a maximum of one non-fishing guest on any of the Society’s waters.  Members are responsible for the behaviour or their guests (fishing or non-fishing) and a breach of Society rules by their guest shall be treated as a breach by that Member.
6.    Two rods may be used on all Society waters by senior members only so long as the rods are no more than 1 metre apart when in use.  The rods must be attended at all times.  Members are advised to make sure their rods are suitably secured and to either use baitrunner type reels or have clutches set suitably to avoid rods being pulled into the water.
7.    All Members fishing Society waters and other venues must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Licence.
8.    All Members must be in possession of their hard copy club card/cards when fishing Society waters - please note that this is a specific requirement of some of our leases. Senior Members have the right to ask any angler to produce their Membership Cards.  Anglers who cannot produce their Membership Cards may be asked to leave the fishery.  It is not sufficient that you have an email / photo on your phone – you must bring your hard copy Club card.
9.    There is no night fishing on any of the Society waters.  The Malcolm Barker Lake is open from 6am & off the water by 10:30 pm.  All other enclosed Society waters fishing is allowed between dawn and dusk.
10.    The taking to or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances on the Society controlled waters will attract an immediate ban and loss of membership.
11.    Subject to any requirements of the relevant landowner, dogs are allowed on Society waters providing they are kept on a lead and under the control of the angler at all times.  All dog mess must be removed from the fisheries.
(a)    Subject to Rule 12(b) braided hooklengths or main lines must not be used on any Society waters.
(b)    Braided mainlines may be used as follows:
(i)    When pike fishing and used in conjunction with suitable wire traces where the braid has a minimum breaking strain of 30lbs.
(ii)    When used with permitted bait up feeders for the purpose of baiting up only where the braid has a minimum breaking strain of 20lbs.
13.    Fixed / bolt rigs cannot be used on any Society water.  All ledger rigs must be free running and float rigs should only be secured by suitable split shot/float stops that allow the float to slide off should the line break.
14.    Failure to observe any of the byelaws of the Society will result in an immediate suspension until the next Committee Meeting.  The Committee will then decide if there is any mitigating circumstance and take the appropriate action.
15.    Any angler fishing Society waters who is intentionally in pursuit of large carp, tench or pike should be in possession of a purpose made padded unhooking mat with a minimum size of 2 feet (60cm) x 3 feet (90cm) and a suitable sized landing net.  Landing nets and unhooking mats must be ready before you start fishing.  Fish must be weighed where caught and not carried along the bank.  It is recommended that if you are in pursuit of large carp an unhooking mat with sides and a fish care kit are used.
16.    Fishing in the lily pads is strictly prohibited.
17.    Pike may only be fished for from 1st October to 14th March (inclusive) on all Society waters.
18.    Guest tickets will cover all Society waters excluding the River Stort.  Tickets can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary or any Committee member.  All tickets must be purchased in advance.  A Member is permitted to have one fishing guest (subject to purchase of a guest ticket) per fishing session.  Members are responsible for the behaviour or their guests (fishing or non-fishing) and a breach of Society rules by their guest shall be treated as a breach by that Member.
19.    Any catfish caught on Society waters MUST NOT be returned to the water, report the catch to any Committee member and the E/A hot line (0800 807060).
20.    Memberships are not transferable.
21.    When fishing Society waters please:
(a)    Close all gates, especially the gate to the otter fence at Malcolm Barker Lake.
(b)    When at Beggars Hall display a suitable note confirming you are fishing the lake in your vehicle.  An old Club book will suffice.
(c)    Do report any items of disrepair/that you consider dangerous to the Committee (e.g. if a life belt has been vandalized).
(d)    Be mindful of your fellow anglers, some like to be sociable and talk to their neighbours but others are there for a bit of peace and quiet.
(e)    Use the notified entrances and allocated parking areas and keep to the water’s edge and must not trespass on adjoining land.
22.    With the exception of Club matches or where a Society water has been hired out (please refer to your Club book and the BSDAS website for details of known bookings), swims cannot be pre-booked on any Society waters.  Members cannot reserve swims/pegs - swims are on a first-come basis.  Any angler leaving a swim/peg must remove all tackle and sundry items.  Bailiff’s decision to be final.
23.    Wading is prohibited except for fish welfare or landing fish.  If you do wade please be very careful as most Society waters have deep margins – Malcolm Barker Lake has no shallow margins.
24.    Anglers must not fish over half way across a water if another angler is fishing or set up in a swim opposite.  Anglers must not fish over half way between adjacent pegs.
25.    No Member shall create a social media group, page, account or website in the name of the Society without prior approval of the Committee.
26.    Anglers are encouraged not to use keepnets during pleasure fishing sessions.  Fish may be kept in floatation slings only for no longer than 30 minutes or less at the discretion of the bailiff.  Carp sacks are banned.  Keepnets should be used in accordance with the following guidance and the Committee still reserve the right to ban keepnets if the guidance is abused, if there are prolonged periods of hot weather or if there is an outbreak of disease in the area:
(a)    All nets must be completely dry before use to minimise the risk of transferring infectious disease/parasites to the water.
(b)    All keepnets must be fish safe and a minimum of 2.5m in length.
(c)    Separate nets should be used for carp and silver fish unless the carp are under 2lb.
(d)    No fish to be retained for longer than 6 hours.
(e)    At least 2/3rds of the keepnet should be fully submerged when in use.
(f)    Maximum weight of fish in a keepnet should be no more than 50lb.
(g)    Tip fish back in carefully with the keepnet partially submerged in the water to help prevent fish damage and minimise scale loss.
(h)    Separate rules may apply in matches.
27.    Every Member or person fishing Society controlled waters shall show the contents of his/her tackle if requested to do so by one of the Society’s bailiffs or other authorised person.

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