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What do I do if a spot pollution on a Club water?

Please call the EA Pollution Hotline (0800 80 70 60) and then please call the Honorary Secretary Robin Merritt on 01279 461065.

How do I get into MBL/Hall Farm?

The gates at Malcolm Barker Lake and Hall Farm Lake have combination locks to provide security for the fishery and members’ vehicles.
The MBL combination will be changed 3 times in the season - details are in your Club book.
To open the combination locks: Set the code and press the button at the bottom of the lock. After use, please close the gate behind you and rotate the cylinders to lock.
Any problems with the combination lock - please contact Robin Merrit 01279 461065 / /

Do I have to live locally to join?

You don't need to live locally to join but please note the Club's constitution does have requirements for living locally for voting.

How much is membership?

The membership year runs from 1 June each year with the fees for 2023/24 being: Adult £70; Seniors (65 and over) £50; and Juniors (15 and under) £10.

How many members are there?

Approx 500 with no plans to limit this at the moment.

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