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A bit more about the Club

This is a work in progress - it would be great if you have some info / stories you would like to share if you could email these to us.  You can use the Contact Form or email

The start

The Club was started .....

Beggars Hall added

In the mid-1990s the Club was offered fishing rights over Beggars Hall Lake in Great Hallingbury; a former trout lake. Work started in in the mid-90s but promptly came to a halt with the tragic crash of Korean Air Flight 8509 on 22 December 1999 which landed along what is now the southern end of the lake.

After the clean up, the Club got back to work on the lake transforming it into probably our most popular lake.

Just like painting the Forth Bridge, the lake is a constant work in progress as the plant life grows and the weather/wear and tear takes its toll on the swims. We are now in process of revamping some of the most worn swims but now need to build in to the planning the impact of global warming on water levels which have fluctuated by around 3 feet this year.

And then came 2 more

An opportunity arose in 2007 for the Club to take on 2 more waters at Hall Farm when the farm converted from livestock to arable. After a lot of hard work what were once 2 slurry pits were transformed into a 26 peg match lake and our stock pond.

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