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Parking etc own risk

The Committee would advise Members and their guest who use the Club's fisheries that they do so at their own risk and should consider their own safety and to fish responsibly and with consideration to others.

Fishing and parking at owner’s risk on all Club waters.

Overhead cables

Beware of overhead electric cables when fishing.

Overhead electric cables could cause injury and death by electrocution 

Do not fish under or near overhead wires

Beware of trains & overhead cables

Take extra care when crossing the railway at Malcolm Barker Lake.

Deep water

Take care when fishing the Club’s waters.  Most of our waters have deep margins and the water at Malcolm Barker Lake is deeper than it looks as it is usually quite clear.

Bishop’s Stortford and District Angling Society Liability Insurance — Important Notice

Following changes in the way insurance companies manage liability claims, our insurers require the Society to advise them immediately following incidents in which they may have an interest.
In particular, and most important incidents involving personal injury.
In order to comply with these changes, any Member who is involved in an incident whilst angling or on any Society fishery must immediately report the circumstances to the Honorary Secretary.

Keepnet use

To protect our fisheries from disease the Committee are strongly recommending that pleasure anglers do not use keepnets on Club waters. We do not want to introduce a complete ban so ask that if you do still feel the need to use your keepnet then we ask that you follow the keepnet guidance below.

The Committee still reserve the right to ban keepnets if the guidance is abused, if there are prolonged periods of hot weather or if there is an outbreak of disease in the area.

All nets must be completely dry before use to minimise the risk of transferring infectious disease/parasites to the water.

All keepnets must be fish safe and a minimum of 2.5m in length.

Separate nets should be used for carp and silver fish unless the carp are under 2lb.

No carp over 8lb or other species over 5lb to be retained in keepnets.

No fish to be retained for longer than 6 hours.

At least 2/3rds of the keepnet should be fully submerged when in use.

Maximum weight of fish in a keepnet should be no more than 50lb.

Tip fish back in carefully with the keepnet partially submerged in the water to help prevent fish damage and minimise scale loss.

Separate rules may apply in matches.

Illegal and unauthorised fish transfers

It is illegal to move fish without prior consent from the Environment Agency and most importantly this is the quickest way to introduce any fish disease and parasite .

Any fish transfers made by the Committee are done with the consent and necessary health checks.

Any Member caught transferring or introducing fish on our fisheries will face an instant ban from the Society and reported to the appropriate authority.

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