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Sunday, 3 September 2023

Beggars Hall

Club match/outing

1st Mark Halverson 92lbs 10oz
2nd Peter Green 83lbs 70z
3rd Gary Pickard 71lbs 2oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Gary's day

It was back to Beggars Hall today. With it being hot and calm the conditions looked perfect for a bit of pellet waggler fishing. Out of the bag came peg 4 which I was pretty happy with and I had Peter for company in peg 5.

After a couple of hours of trying the waggler I had 2 carp to show for all the effort. The lake was fishing a bit harder than expected; you could just about make out the odd carp cruising through quickly rather than stopping to feed. Peter though was having a much better day on the waggler and was catching steadily. A try on a bomb and pellet under the waggler line produced a massive liner which had the rod bent double but nothing else.

With the sun high in the sky it was time to see if anything was seeking some shade under the willow to my right. The answer was yes. A couple of quick bites on paste finally had another carp in the net but it was a long wait between bites. After messing around with different baits to my left margin (and the perch eating anything thrown at them) a few carp started to show and a quick run of fish near the end saw me with 7 carp for 71lbs. Apart from hearing Peter catching well and Jeff making it clear he was not having a great day on peg 19 I had no idea how the rest of the lake had fished as you can't see anything from peg 6 because of the willow.

Again it was a pretty close finish given the average size of carp. Mark on peg 17 ended with 92lbs, Peter had more carp but a slightly smaller average to finish with 83lbs and then me on 71lbs. Pic today is Peter weighing in.

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