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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st David Jones 24lbs 14oz
2nd Bob Fox 15lbs 9oz
3rd Fred Hunt 12lbs 2oz
4th Jeff Pearson 10lbs

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, fished the Weds match at Beggar's Hall. It started of weather wise a dry morning a bit cold but forecast was for a dry day shame it rained on and off most of the afternoon which made weighing in a bit grim. I drew peg 20 - not a bad peg. I had lily pads to my far left and open water in front so I made up two lines on to the pads and one to my mid-point then feeder in open water. I have struggled all day for a bite. I caught small roach and perch on the pole and not a bite on the feeder. It got to 3ish and had a carp on and it ran me straight into the pads and lost it - didn't get another bite on anything after that finished the day with 14oz.

1st place was David Jones with 24lbs 14oz , 2nd was Bob Fox with 15lbs 9oz, 3rd was Fred Hunt with 12lbs 2oz and 4th Jeff Pearson with 10lbs. Pic is my peg for the day.

It was also the end to our Summer League joint first Terry Moranda and Jeff Pearson with 54 points each, 3rd was Fred Hunt with 53 points and 4th was David Jones with 45 points - well done to all. Full Summer League results are on their own summary page.

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