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Sunday, 6 March 2022

Beggars Hall

Club match

1st Mark Halverson 73lbs 8oz
2nd Gary Pickard 35lbs 2oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 32lbs 9oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

Well not quite the warm spring day I was hoping for but at least it was dry for change. With bowling and other club match clashes it was a smaller turn out than usual so we could cherry pick the best pegs - every one a flyer (on its day). Mark exercised his golden draw bag arm and pulled out on form Peg 10 so we all had him in our sights.
It was going to be a simple day - out and out feeder/bomb fishing as there was a gusty and pretty cold wind making it feel more like January than March. I got off to a good start with 3 decent carp in the first 90 minutes on a hybrid feeder but then it went quiet in my swim. A couple of quick carp on a cage feeder around 12:30 and that was my lot - not a sign again. It was becoming clear where all the carp were as Mark's peg kicked into life and he made no mistake in making the most of it. Phil also had a few decent carp and Tony's swim finally came good in the dying minutes with a consolation last gasp carp of just under 10lbs.
1st Mark Halverson 73lbs 8oz, 2nd Gary Pickard 35lbs 2oz and 3rd Phil Whitmill 32lbs 9oz
Photo today is Peg 17.

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