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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Phill Whitmill 54lbs 13oz
2nd Terry Moranda 42lbs 9oz
3rd Peter Green 39lbs 15oz
4th Sam Robinson 32lbs 13oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Fished the Weds club match at Beggars Hall and the weather was well up to 30 degrees so plenty of cold drinks through the day was called for. I drew peg 17 today and virtually ran to my peg I have not drawn this side of the lake for more then a year it's a flyer but you never know. Made up a feeder rod, a pellet waggler and the pole for a 10 meter swim and down one margin. Cupped in some pellet and a little groundbait with some dead red maggots as the silver fish are not a problem in this lake. Started off on the feeder over by the island but after a hour not a touch. Then onto my pellet wag - had a small enquiry but no takes so tried my 10 meter line - nothing. Last place to try down the margin - nothing again. So much for a flyer of a peg. My back was getting very uncomfortable as I had slightly pulled it loading the car this morning so I got up for a walk to see Barry on the next peg. He wasn't doing much better so back to my peg and wait for some action. Come 1 pm got my wish with my first carp down in the margin on pole - about 10lb but nothing else. So back on on the waggler, after a few adjustments to depth got another carp of a good size. As the afternoon went on the waggler got better - finished my day off with 54lbs 13oz and came 1st with that.

1st Phill Whitmill 54lbs 13oz, 2nd Terry Moranda with 42 lb 9oz, 3rd Peter Green with 39lb 15oz, 4th Sam Robinson 32lb 13oz. I would like to thank Sam Robinson for his help with the weigh in - much needed.

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