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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Beggars Hall

Summer League match

1st Steve Foster 33lbs 6oz
2nd Tony Parker 26lbs 13oz
3rd Ray Gibson 10lbs 14oz
4th Barry Cornel 7lbs 11oz

Summer League match
Summer League match

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished Beggars Hall lake on the 3rd round or their summer league. It was a blistering hot day so I was hoping for a shady peg but that didn't happen. Peg 16 not a good peg for me and in full glare of the sun all day. Started off on the pellet waggler with 6 and 8 mm banded pellets hoping for a lucky fish but that wasn't happening . The fish were about but moving at a fair pace and were not interested so on to my 10meter line on the pole - this produced 1 small roach so decided to concentrate on my margins. These had been baited at the start of the match with corn and pellets and a small amount of maggots - both margins didn't produce a bite. By 1 pm I decided to go back on the waggler and started to see a bit of interest from the carp but they were very skittish but I finally got one. Had a further 3 carp by the end of the match but lost all 3: one slipped the hook just before the landing net; and the other 2 snapped my line. All in all did absolutely rubbish but I did have something to weigh in, I weighed in 7lb 6oz for 5th place.

First Steve Foster with 33lbs 6oz, 2nd Tony Parker with 26lbs 13oz, 3rd Ray Gibson with 10lbs 14oz and 4th Barry Cornel with 7lbs 11oz, well done to all on a very difficult day. Pic is Jeff and myself sharing the Stort cup (With a full 4oz each not a great couple of matches!)

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