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Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Beggars Hall

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Bishop's Stortford won with 82 points to Abbey Cross's 51 points

1st Terry Moranda 41lbs 8oz
2nd Terry Tucker 29lbs 14oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 16lbs 4oz
4th Barry Cornel 11lbs 5oz
5th Peter Green 10lbs 14oz.

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)
Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all fished our first interclub match with Abbbey Cross on Weds. It was held at Beggers Hall club lake, with 16 entries we could leave out some of the bad pegs and the way it has been fishing I would not want a bad peg. I drew peg 1 not a good peg by any standards but your draw is what it is so made up 3 lines; 2 for either margin and out in front at 10 meters. Fed with a little corn and pellets long and the margin on red maggots and micro pellets. Started off with the feeder over to the weed beds and sat on it for an hour and was just about to quit when it rapped round for my first carp. It went about 6lbs so a good start. Fished the feeder for another hour or so with no indication of anything more being there so switched to my pole lines at 10 meters. Not a thing so on to my margin lines. Had a few perch but little else. Tried making a few adjustments but nothing so back on my 10 meter line and fished maggot and fed with the same. After a short while started to pick up a few roach of a reasonable size so carried on and put about 4lbs of them in the net. I weighed in with 10lbs and 6th place - shows how hard it was.

1st place was Tel Moranda with 41lbs 8oz, 2nd Terry Tucker 29 lbs 14oz, 3rd Jeff Pearson 16lbs 4oz, 4th Barry Cornel 11lbs 5oz and 5th Peter Green 10lbs 14oz. Bishop's Stortford won with 82 points to 51 points, well done to all on a very hard day

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