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Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Beggars Hall

Club match/outing

1st Tony Cruci 52lbs 8oz
2nd Steve Foster 37lbs 9oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 21lbs 4oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds Club fished the club lake at Beggar's Hall this week. The weather was warm and comfortable if you were drawn in the sunshine or, like my peg in the shade all day pretty chilly. There were only 8 of us this week so all good pegs went in the draw bag. I drew peg 10 it's has had its moments so I was full of hope. Made up two pole rigs and a feeder, made two pole lines: 1 at 10 meters with pellet and red maggots; and a margin rig with bread and corn; and the feeder over to the island or thereabout. Had my first carp at 11.30 - a common of 8 lb or so on my pellet line using 6mm banded hard pellet banded. I continued on this line for another hour but nothing so back to the feeder for more nothing so tried my margins. It was about the right time but all I could catch was a couple pounds of perch so back to the feeder. It got to about an hour before the end so decided to pack the pole away and tidy away the bits I didn't need when I noticed a big drop back. Thinking it was a missed bite I struck it anyway and it was game on - after about 15 minutes I landed him a common carp of at least 12lb or so and that was my day over.

1st Tony Cruci with 52lbs 8oz, 2nd Steve Foster with 37lbs 9oz, 3rd Phil Whitmill with 21lbs 4oz , not bad for just two carp. Pic is Terry Moranda on peg 6 the flyer.

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