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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Beggars Hall

Club match

1st Jeff Pearson 25lbs 14oz
2nd Terry Moranda 23lbs 2oz
3rd Fred Hunt 19lbs 14oz
4th Ray Gibson 13lbs 9oz

Club match
Club match

Phil's day

Hi to all, we fished our first summer league match yesterday at Beggars Hall club lake. It was a lovely spring day so I left off some of my winter clothing. I drew peg 10 - this has produced some very good weights through the winter but of late it's been awful with no fish. I made my feeder up with a medium cage feeder and red maggots on a size 14 match hook with 5lb hook length and one line for the pole line. I started off on the feeder casting to the island which only produced 2 very small carp and a roach by 12.30pm. For the rest of the match I switched between my pole and feeder and at 3.15, with a quarter of a hour to go, the feeder has gone round with a carp of 6lbs. By the end I weighed in 9lbs 11oz for 5th overall

1st Jeff Pearson with 25lbs 14oz, 2nd Terry Moranda with 23lbs 2oz, 3rd Fred Hunt with 19lbs 14oz and 4th Ray Gibson with 13lbs 9oz well done to all. Today's pic is my swim peg 10.

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