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Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Beggars Hall

Inter-club (Abbey Cross) match/outing

Abbey Cross won the day with 53 points to Bishop's Stortford's 51

1st Jeff Pearson 61lbs 3oz
2nd Tony Parker 23lbs 7oz
3rd Fred Hunt 18lbs
4th Terry Moranda 16lbs 4oz

Inter-club (Abbey Cross) match/outing
Inter-club (Abbey Cross) match/outing

Phil's day

Hi all what a lovely day out there. The Weds club fished an interclub match at Beggars Hall against Abbey Cross it was the last one of the season. I drew peg 20 not a bad peg but has fished very badly over the last few months. I made up 2 pole lines: one at 12 meters; and the other in the margin; and a feeder to the pads some 20 meters out. I started out cupping in some 6mm pellet and red maggots on both my lines. Whilst waiting for this to work I cast my feeder to a good spot off to one side of the pads hook bait was corn and a method with soft pellet. After 20 mins I was just thinking of trying the pole lines and the tip went with a tench of about 2lbs so off the mark with the guys either side with it all to do. Tried the pole lines but nothing. In the margin 7 meters along a carp slowly swam through my pole line and dragged my rig with it - I struck and all hell let loose until it broke my hooklength - I think it was foul hooked. So back to the feeder, tried both all day until I started to pack away about 3.15 pm and the feeder steamed off and had a carp for 7lb ish. I weighed in 9lbs 2oz which got me 6th overall

1st Jeff Pearson with 61lbs 3oz, 2nd was Tony Parker with 23lbs 7oz, 3rd Fred Hunt with 18lbs and 4th Terry Moranda with 16lbs 4oz.

Abbey Cross won the day with 53 points to our 51

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