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Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Beggars Hall

Club match/outing

1st Phil Whitmill 62lbs 14oz
2nd Rob Calderón 62lbs 5oz
3rd John Todd 31lbs 11oz
4th Steve Foster 26lbs 13oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Phil's day

Morning to all. The Weds club fished its match on Beggar's Hall this week. It was a supposed to be a dry start and finish to our day with the promise of a downpour which never arrived. I drew peg 18 last out of the bag and a flyer to boot - at last a decent peg in with a chance here. Made up three pole lines and a feeder for midway. I fed mostly hard pellet and corn with a bit of red maggots with groundbait all Clarks products from Harlow Angling. Tried the feeder about 25 meters out and within 15 minutes got my first carp about 8lbs this went on to produce another carp by midday then onto my pole lines. By this time the wind had got up and made it difficult to hold it on 10 meters so on to my margins. This also produced nothing so rebated and went back to the feeder. After a short while on the feeder I had a slight bite so struck it anyway and got myself a tench of 2lbs 8oz so another net was called for - this was a red herring as no more bites so back to the margins on the pole. Got a few rudd and then the carp moved in and i caught steady for what was left of our day to weigh in 62lbs 14oz.

1st Phil Whitmill with 62lbs 14oz, 2nd Rob Calderón with 62lbs 5oz, 3rd John Todd with 31lbs 11oz and 4th Steve Foster with 26lbs 13oz. Pic is Terry Moranda , thanks to those anglers who helped with the weigh in much appreciated.

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