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Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Beggars Hall

Interclub (Saffron Walden)

1st Peter Green 48lbs 8oz
2nd Terry Moranda 44lbs 7oz
3rd Rob Calderon 44lbs 5oz
4th James Gillard 42lbs 4oz

Bishop's Stortford lost by 1 point with 104 to Saffron Walden's 105 points

Interclub (Saffron Walden)
Interclub (Saffron Walden)

Phil's day

Hi all, what a scorcher of a day I was glad I was in the shade most of the day. The Weds club fished its 3rd leg interclub match against Saffron Walden at Beggars Hall Lake. There was a full turnout of 20 anglers so a few bad pegs were. I drew peg 15, it was a peg I did not want but that's the luck. Started off making 2 lines: one at 10 meters; and one in the margin. Fed pellet and corn on those lines and a feeder at 20 meters it was a bit tight for casting but I managed to stay out of the trees. Got my one and only carp within the hour of about 4lb then nothing on pole or feeder so a change of tactics go for the small stuff. A few perch and roach got me another couple pounds then that died and I was glad when 3:30 came round so I could end the match.

First Peter Green with 48lbs 8oz, 2nd Terry Moranda with 44lbs 7oz, 3rd Rob Calderon with 44lbs 5oz, 4th James Gillard with 42lbs 4oz, 5th Fred Hart with 31lbs 15oz and 6th Peter Motram with 23lbs 3oz.

Bishop's Stortford lost by 1 point it was 104 to Saffron Walden's 105 points - pic is Our Billy on peg 13

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