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Wednesday, 1 May 2024

Beggars Hall

Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Bishop's Stortford won with 75 points to Abbey Cross' 60 points

1st Peter Green 135lbs 1oz
2nd Fred Hunt 55lbs 14oz
3rd Rob Calderón 40lbs 14oz
4th Martin Adams 37lbs 5oz
5th John Carter 34lbs 6oz

Interclub (Abbey Cross)
Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all what a smashing day it was yesterday - the peg I was in was in full view of the sun with no wind chill. The Weds club fished its monthly match against Abbey Cross at Beggars Hall. I drew peg 23 not one that is usually put in on matches but, with so many worse pegs recently, I thought I would give it a try out.

I started out making up three lines for the pole and, of course, the feeder. Started off cupping red maggots at ten meters with a bit of micro pellets then to my left down the margin pretty much the same but more of it and 5 meters to my right a cup full of pellet and sweetcorn. I decided to go straight on the feeder as this was going to be my best hope. I gave it more time then I should have - itwas nearly midday so went onto the pole lines. Still nothing it's a venue that comes to life in late afternoon so not too worried yet. The pole line on my left was a bit of a disaster as there was weed and the bottom was all over the place so soon abandoned that line. So on to my 10 meter line and I had a small F1 about a pound or so and that was that.

By now it's half 2 and with a hour and a half to go so decided to try what looked to be a nothing line on my left - I had been there about 10 minutes and got a couple roach so at least I am getting bite when the next roach bite turned out to be a mirror carp of around 18 lbs. This went on for the rest of the match catching two more carp and loosing 3 more from the same line. I weighed in with 33lbs 13oz a very good result from this peg.

1st Peter Green with 135lbs 1oz, 2nd Fred Hunt with 55lbs 14oz, 3rd Rob Calderón with 40lbs 14oz, 4th Martin Adams with 37lbs 5oz and 5th John Carter with 34lbs 6oz. Bishop's Stortford wins with 75 points to Abbey Cross 60 points well done to our team. Pic is my peg 23

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