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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Ray Gibson 40lbs 13oz
2nd Tony Parker 32lbs 12oz
3rd Terry Moranda 23lbs 9oz
4th Terry Tucker 18lbs

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished Beggars Hall. The weather was overcast with the chance of rain at anytime but turned out fine till the weigh in then it decided to rain - annoying but at least didn't fish under umbrellas all day. Drew peg 20 and wasn't too disappointed it has been a good peg in the past. I made up two lines one in the margin and one at 10 meters and the feeder for between the lily pads. Started off with a small roach and a few very small perch on my 10 meter line fishing maggots so changed baits and pretty much nothing worked. Put the pole down and onto the feeder and very much the same story. I knew the pegs to my right and left were doing as bad. At half two I finally had a small carp of 5lbs and by 3 pm got smashed up in the pads by another carp so ended the day with 5lbs 6oz and came nowhere

1st place was Ray Gibson with 40lbs 13oz, 2nd Tony Parker with 32lbs 12oz, 3rd was Terry Moranda with 23lbs 9oz and 4th with 18lbs Terry Tucker well done to all

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