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Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Jeff Pearson 50lbs
2nd Peter Green 14lbs 4oz
3rd Ray Gibson 13lbs 5oz
4th Terry Moranda 12lb 4oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phils day

Hi all, fished the Weds club match at Beggars Hall - a change of venue as the River has been fishing so badly of late.

When I loaded the car it was a spring like morning and a dry forecast for the day so I was going to enjoy my day fish or not. I drew my peg 19 not a good peg it blanked last time out but today was going to be different, the weather was very difficult with a very stiff wind blowing its wind chill was about 5 degree's and wind in the face. I fed two lines for the pole but with not much hope of any presentation didn't think it was worth spending much time on the pole, so spent most of my time on the feeder on double red maggot with a small cage feeder. Had my first carp at about 11 ish I never had another bite till half two and lost it on the retrieve ended the day with 5lbs 2oz.

First Jeff Pearson and golden peg winner with 50lbs (net limit) , 2nd was Peter Green with 14lbs 4oz, 3rd Ray Gibson with 13lbs 5oz and 4th Terry Moranda with 12lb 4oz. Well done to all the anglers, pic is Terry Moranda peg 20 the flyer peg,

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