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Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Jeff Pearson 31lbs 3oz
2nd Barry Cornel 11lbs 6oz
3rd John Todd 8lbs 10oz
4th Terry Moranda 7lbs 11oz.

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished our club water at Beggars Hall. We had 11 people turn out for the match and the weather was not too bad for most of the day but 5 degrees colder then Tuesday. I drew peg 20 - this peg has been steady lately, not a winning peg, but it has produced 3rds and 4ths. Picked out an area for the feeder and two pole lines: one at 12 meters and one at 7 meters to my left in the margin. The water levels are very high at the moment so the margin is some distance away. Well that's where I started and that's where I finished. I didn't get a bite not even a liner so when the rain and the red dust came along (see the BBC website about the Saharan dust blown over) it just made it a whole lot worse. At least it stopped raining long enough to do the weigh in and get back to our cars another blank to the list

1st Jeff Pearson 31lbs 3oz, 2nd Barry Cornel 11lbs 6oz, 3rd John Todd 8lbs 10oz and 4th Terry Moranda 7lbs 11oz. Cover pic is Tony Cruci and Ray Gibson

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