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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Beggars Hall

Wednesday Club

1st Terry Moranda 65lbs 5oz
2nd Peter Green 22lbs 11oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 16lbs 3oz
Jnt 4th Barry Cornel 15lbs 3oz
Jnt 4th Phil Whitmill 15lbs 3oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished our club lake at Beggars Hall. The turnout was a little down due to illnesses and weather, it was a heavy frost that morning but with the promises of better day ahead. I drew peg 19, not a bad peg and a few wins have come from there over the year and the bonus is I was going to be in the sunshine all day. I didn't take a pole with me as my plan was feeder fish all day. I picked out a couple areas I liked and concentrated on those. My main bait was maggot and pellet. With a very small maggot feeder and double red maggot on the hook my idea being that everything that swims in that lake likes a maggot.
It took quite a while to get my first take probably a liner but soon after that got a proper bite and played it for sometime before it slipped the hook in weed - blast. Peter next to me then had a carp so pressure was on me now. It was another hour before my next proper bite - a carp of 4lb or so - then my next bite came half an hour before the end of the match. This was a very good fish and took a lot of playing it to get it in - a double figure common. I ended up with two carp for 15lbs 3oz and joint 4th

1st was Terry Moranda peg 10 with an amazing 65lbs 5oz of carp, 2nd Peter Green with 22lbs 11oz (3 carp), 3rd Jeff Pearson with 16lbs 3oz (2 carp) and joint 4th was Barry Cornel and Phil Whitmill both with 15lbs 3oz - Barry had two smaller carp and a bream. Pic is Peter Green from my peg,

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