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Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Beggars Hall

Summer League

1st Fred Hunt 49lbs 12oz
2nd Bill Beeston 41lbs 5oz
3rd Tony Cruci 29lbs 11oz
4th Phil Whitmill 24lbs 14oz

Summer League
Summer League

Phil's day

Good morning to all, the Weds club fished it 3rd round of the summer league at Bbeggars Hall club lake. I drew peg 13 - I have not fished it for a long time so not sure what to expect. Now the lily pads are up and flowering it gave me some features to fish to so I made up two lines - one at 12 meters and one at 7 meters.
I fed pellet and corn on my longest line and maggots and micro pellets on my short line and a feeder to 18 meters just to the very tip of the lily pads. Well the feeder produced absolutely nothing all morning couldn't believe I could not get a bite on red maggots not even a micro perch. On to plan f dobbing bread at 12 meters about 12 inches deep. This produced 3 good carp and I got beaten up on 3 more - one lost carp went straight through the pads and appeared on the opposite. At 15 or so pounds so he was never coming back the way he went - I got my rig back minus hooklength.

First place Fred Hunt with 49lbs 12oz (less a fish of about 7lb that leapt out the keepnet), second Bill Beeston with 41lbs 5oz , third Tony Cruci with 29lbs 11oz and fourth Phil Whitmill with 24lbs 14oz. Well done to all in sticking it out through such high temperatures.

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