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Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Bordeaux Pits (Saffron Walden water)

Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing

Saffron Walden won with 75 points to Bishop's Stortford's 61 points.

1st Fred Hunt 12lbs 10oz
2nd Peter Green 8lbs 13oz
3rd James Gillard 8lbs 3oz
4th Tony Cruci 6lbs 7oz
5th Mark Evans 5lbs 12oz

Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing
Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing

Phil's day

Good morning to all, the Weds club held its interclub match against Saffron Walden club on their water. It was a silver fish match with F1s counting but no king carp. I drew peg 7 and had done very badly on this peg before with only 4 oz so I was a little surprised when I got there. The area had changed quite a bit and all the lily pads were gone - just bare water. I got given some advice as to where I should fish from Fred who drew next peg away. The word was raised the match had started (seemed funny no whistle) I went out to my 10 meter line and cupped in some loose groundbait with corn and micro pellets and a half handful of hemp and a margin line to a wire cage with red maggots. Started off on my 10 meter line and hooked into a proper carp within a minute - glad to say lost that as it wouldn't have counted. I put on a new hooklength and started again. Within a few minutes lost a decent skimmer and this went on for 3 more fish lost. I then started to hook and hold onto some skimmers. With the 1 F1 of 8oz all the rest were skimmers and roach to weigh in 5lb 8oz. For the end I blew my whistle to finish the match

1st place Fred Hunt with 12lbs 10oz, 2nd Peter Green with 8lbs 13oz, 3rd James Gillard with 8lbs 3oz, 4th Tony Cruci with 6lbs 7oz and 5th Mark Evans with 5lbs 12oz.

Bishop's Stortford lost 61 points to Saffron Walden's 75 points highest points win,

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