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Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Bordeaux Pits (Saffron Walden water)

Inter-club (Saffron Walden)

Saffron Walden won with 67 points to Bishop's Stortford's 87

1st Roger Philips 17lbs 11oz
2nd Fred Hunt 13lbs 13oz
3rd Sam Robinson 11lbs 4oz
4th Mark Evens 9lbs 10oz
5th Kieron Mcdonagh 8lbs 5oz

Inter-club (Saffron Walden)
Inter-club (Saffron Walden)

Phil's day

Hi all on this summers day, the Weds club fished Saffron Walden club lake on a interclub match.
I drew peg 26, by all accounts a good peg. I made 3 pole rigs up, 1 very lightweight for skimmers and roach and two for carp. Started off cupping in some 3mm pellets and a bit of corn on two lines and fed 6mm pellets on my margin and to the point of the island. My main bait for the silvers was maggots but they had died in the hot sun so relied on corn as pellets also dried up so pretty limited but managed on what I had and, of course, bread. [Editor - Phil with bread, never]. Had a good run on silvers in the morning but they dried up about 1ish so down the margin knowing full well that if I got hit by a big carp I would have no chance. First fish a small f1 about half a pound on bread then 2 more a bit later of about one and a half pound then the big carp moved in. 2 hook lengths later and 3 completely smashed rigs later time was up. The average carp is going on 15 to 20 lbs but not too bothered as all mirror and commons only count as 2lbs in these matched.
Still would be nice to have landed one. I weighed in 8lb 4oz and came 6th.

1st Roger Philips with 17lbs 11oz, 2nd Fred Hunt with 13lbs 13oz, 3rd Sam Robinson with 11lbs 4oz, 4th Mark Evens with 9lbs 10oz, 5th Kieron Mcdonagh with 8lbs 5oz.
Photo is Bishop's Stortford member Terry Moranda.

Just like to say a big thanks to Saffron Walden club for making us feel welcome.

Saffron Walden won with 67 points to Bishop's Stortford's 87

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