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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Bordeaux Pits (Saffron Walden water)

Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing

Saffron Walden won on the day with 102 points to Bishop's Stortford's 71.

1st James Gillard 5lbs 13oz
2nd Phil Whitmill 5lbs 2oz
3rd Steve Foster 4lbs 10oz
4th Peter Green 4lbs 5oz
5th Adam Salter 3lbs 13oz

Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing
Interclub (Saffron Walden) match/outing

Phil's day

Hi to all, the Weds Club fished an interclub match with Saffron Walden on their lake this week. I arrived to find a good turn out of 19 anglers. I drew peg 26 - it's a good peg but very shallow with only 2ft of water but all the lakes are in the same state with low water. I only made up 2 pole rigs 1 in the margin and 1 at 8 meters. I fed hemp and maggots and micro pellets at 8 meters and corn down the margin with micro pellets. Started off at 8 meters as this was my deepest swim, I started off catching the odd roach and perch but they were very small but it's about points today. Then I hooked a couple of skimmers and better quality roach and rudd then hooked a carp which didn't count so that went back. I hooked 2 more carp that broke my hooklength. Things then went deadly quite for a long while then, out the blue, a bream of about 3lb after that nothing till the end of the match. I weighed in with 5lb 2oz,

1st James Gillard with 5lbs 13oz, 2nd Phil Whitmill with 5lbs 2oz, 3rd Steve Foster with 4lbs 10oz, 4th was Peter Green with 4lbs 5oz and 5th Adam Salter with 3lbs 13oz. It was a hard day but no blanks

Saffron Walden won on the day with 102 points to Bishop's Stortford's 71.

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