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Wednesday, 2 August 2023

Green Lanes Nazeing (Abbey Cross water)

Interclub (Abbey Cross)

A tight finish with Abbey Cross winning with 48 points to Bishop's Stortford's 47 points

1st John Carter 103lbs 8oz
2nd Martin Adams 59lbs 10oz
3rd Ray Gibson 38lbs 15oz
4th Tony Cruci 36lbs 9oz

Interclub (Abbey Cross)
Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi to all, the Weds Club was at Nazeing, an Abbey Cross venue, for the interclub match. The day was due to be a right drenched with rain from start to finish, however, for the most part, it was quite dry - all except the last one and a half hours when it tipped it down.

I drew peg 19 not a bad area I thought but was soon told that it blanked the previous Sunday - never mind it was then and this is now. Only two lines of attack today: feeder and pellet waggler with the wind blowing I stayed on the feeder. I fished pellets on a band and corn had nothing on pellets but got my first fish on corn. Played it all the way in only to get my line cut on zebra mussels under my feet (bugger) waited till 2ish for my next bite and kept it up in the water so as not to repeat the last episode. It was only 6 lbs but saved the blank. I went on to catch 2 more of 7 and 8lbs but word was there were plenty of big doubles being caught so at least I held my side up.

Aat the results it was the closest match for a while Abbey Cross 48 points Bishop's Stortford 47 points and second place
first John Carter with 103lb 8oz, 2nd Martin Adams with 59lb 10oz, 3rd Ray Gibson with 38lb 15oz, 4th Tony Cruci with 36lb 9oz and I got 5th and thanks for coming. Pic is myself on peg 19

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