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Friday, 9 July 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Phil Whitmill 72lbs 13oz
2nd Terry Moranda 70lbs 2oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 66lbs 8oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, no its not Weds. Held the over 65s match on Friday at Hall Farm. Bit of a low turnout but it's not a usual fishing day. I drew peg 8 - a good peg so full of hope for the day ahead. Made up 2 pole lines: 1 at the first drop off at 12ft deep; and 1 for the margins. Got the feeder rod set up and a pellet waggler for up in the water. Started off feeding the pole lines with pellet and bread with a few mags. Started off on the feeder but felt this was the wrong approach so put that up the bank. Then onto my pole lines - this produced a few gudgeon and roach i chucked them back as this is a one off match and they would do me no good. So onto the wag. I got some interest half way out on the lake so started mucking about with the depth on my rig until I found where they were. Took me about a hour before my first carp but for the rest of the morning picked up the odd few. It went very quiet about 1ish so back on the pole - they had turned up and I had 6 good sized carp down the margin before they went. So back to the wag. At one point it was 1 a cast instantly went on to win the match by default not a satisfying way to win but a win is a win.

1st Phil Whitmill with 72lbs 13oz, 2nd Terry Moranda with 70lbs 2oz and 3rd Jeff Pearson with 66lbs 8oz.

Well done to all very good weights on all pegs, this makes me over 65s champion for the year. Unlucky to Tel maybe you will buy a clicker then you can keep track of your net weight😆 [Editor - never I nice feeling when you mess up your guestimates on weight]

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