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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Hall Farm Large Lake

Summer League

1stRob Calderón 90lbs 5oz
2nd Phil Whitmill 85lbs 9oz
3rd Bill Beeston 83lbs 14oz
4th John Carter 62lbs 3oz

Summer League
Summer League

Phil's day

Hi to all, the Weds club fished its club lake Hall Farm. It was a very wet day with 18 hours of rain behind us so didn't know how the fishing was going to be. I drew peg 24 a very good peg for no real reason its not much different from most pegs. I made up 3 rigs for margins and a 10 meter line then the feeder for good measure. I baited up both margins with a groundbait and 6mm hard pellet with a bit of corn for good measure. Started off on the feeder rod and within 15 minutes it's wrapped round for my first carp this went on for another 5 carp before it died but this was only 1 hour into the match so onto the pole tried out in front at 10 meters and not a bite. So in to the margins. I was getting bites but I think they were rudd this was on pellets so I upped the size of pellet but still got mucked about so I tried 10mm punch bread. This got me 4 very small rudd not what I am after so back to the feeder - nothing so after a short while back to the margins. I put a big bit of breadflake on and just waited. Within 10 minutes got my first margin carp about 6lb then nothing again so onto my other margin the same there I alternated between the two areas for the rest of the day for a weight of 85lbs 9oz.

First was Rob Calderón with 90lbs 5oz, 2nd Phil Whitmill with 85lbs 9oz, 3rd Bill Beeston with 83lbs 14oz , 4th John Carter with 62lbs 3oz. Well done to all for putting up with such a wet day. A big thanks goes to Rob Calderón for doing all the hard stuff with the weighing in. Pic is my peg 24,

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