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Sunday, 13 March 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club Match

1st Gary Pickard 46lbs 12oz,
2nd Mark Halverson 10lbs 11oz
3rd Jeff Pearson 8lbs 11oz

Club Match
Club Match

Gary's day

Today was the last Club match of the 21/22 season and it was back to Hall Farm. With the shallow end pegs dominating the results at the moment everyone was looking for a low number. After spending the winter in the deep pegs it was finally my turn to pull out peg 2 - and with peg 1 not being drawn the pressure was on.

With the week being quite mild hopes were high on the lake fishing better than of late. Well Spring has definitely not sprung yet - it was yet another windy day and when it started raining later it got cold. With the warmer week I also thought it might be time to give meat a try - it soon became clear it was the wrong bait. Thankfully I had grabbed some bits from the freezer so had a few dead maggots. After 90 minutes and trying long pole (well 7 sections due to the wind), feeder and margins it was getting desperate. Mark then had a carp and finally the lake seemed to start to wake up and I finally had a fish in the net. The fish were very much in the shallows and it was a couple of hours in before they started moving up the lake. I ended with a dozen or so F1s and carp for 46lb. Working up the lake everyone toughed it out to the end but it was hard work for most with just the odd fish showing in the deeper water - roll on Summer!

1st Gary Pickard 46lbs 12oz, 2nd Mark Halverson 10lbs 11oz and 3rd Jeff Pearson 8lbs 11oz.
Photo today is looking up the lake from Peg 2.

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