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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Phil Whitmill 69lbs 14oz
2nd Tony Parker 63lbs
3rd Tony Cruci 52lbs 15oz
4th Jeff Pearson 50lbs 6oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all fished the Weds club match at Hall Farm for the 3rd time in a row. The weather was baking hot 28C - it was great. I drew peg 22 not a bad peg but not done much good over the last few months. Kept my plan simple - 3 pole lines and pellet wag. Started off cupping out some groundbait and pellet on my 7 meters and two margins. With every other peg in I fancied my chances. Started off on my pellet wag had 2 about 2lbs each almost instantly then got busted up in weed on a real fish after that it went quiet so down the margin. Had 3 or 4 of about 2lbs each then that went quiet so back on the wag with 10 mm bread and that started to work for some better quality fish about 4lb or so Between that and the margins I had a good day - lost a few but it happens finished my day by being broke up with a minute to go. I weighed in 69lbs 14oz for 1st place at last.

1st Phil Whitmill 69lbs 14oz, 2nd Tony Parker with 63lbs, 3rd Tony Cruci with 52lbs 15oz, 4th Jeff Pearson with 50lbs 6oz well done to all who fished. Photo is me.

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