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Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match/outing

1st John Carter 63lbs 8oz
2nd Bill Beeston 41lbs 4oz
3rd Ray Gibson 40lbs 4oz
4th Fred Hunt 25lbs 5oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Phil's day

Hi to all, the Weds Club fished the club lake at Hall Farm this week. The good weather has finally arrived - what a smashing day. I drew peg 6, not a bad peg on the day, but would have preferred the opposite side of the lake but at least I was in sunshine all day. I made up 2 pole lines and my feeder. My pole lines were at 8 meters at 8ft deep and my margin at 3ft deep. I fed my 8 meter line with corn and micro pellets and down the margin left and right side red maggots and 6mm pellets. I started on my feeder with a 6mm pellet with a small cage feeder with green swim stim after 45 minutes with several casts not a bite so on to my long line. This got me a carp and a small bream of about two and a half pounds may be a tad more but more amazing where did it come from as I have not seen a bream at Hall Farm for 5 or 6 years - we thought they had all died. I then had nothing else on this line so onto my margins not had a bite on my right side so onto the left got a bite within 15 mins and lost it on the way round to land it then nothing except small perch and roach. With 30 mins before the end of the match they turned up and had 4 more carp for 19lbs 10oz.

1st John Carter with 63lbs 8oz, 2nd Bill Beeston with 41lbs 4oz, 3rd Ray Gibson with 40lbs 4oz and 4th Fred Hunt with 25lbs 5oz. Pic is Bill Beeston on peg 2 thinking how am I going to win this match from the flyer.

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