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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Bishop's Stortford won with 66 points to Abbey Cross's 68 - a very tight result.

1st Phil Whitmill 62lbs 7oz
2nd Martin Adams 59lbs 5oz
3rd Bob Fox 51lbs 5oz
4th Tony Cruci 38lbs 8oz
5th Jeff Pearson 29lbs 10oz

Inter-club (Abbey Cross)
Inter-club (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi to everyone, I fished the interclub match against Abbey Cross on Weds. It was on our water at Hall Farm so not too worried about drawing a good peg as it can be won from most pegs. I got the last peg from the bag and it was peg 26 its a very good and consistent peg. I made up 3 pole rigs and a pellet waggler, cupped out on my pole lines corn and pellet with a little groundbait, started off on the wag but the wind was to stiff so soon abandoned that so on to my pole lines. I concentrated on my margins as that was where I thought I would do the best, It was half eleven before I got my first bite a good carp of 4lbs or so. From then on picked up the odd one but mostly from the same spot. I lost a few in the heavy weed to my left and was very lucky to have got a decent 6 pounder from out of the rushes to my extreme right - it must have taken a 15 yard run but it came out the way it went in lucky or what. I finished the day with a respectable 62lbs 7oz for first place

1st Phil Whitmill 62lbs 7oz, 2nd was Martin Adams with 59lbs 5oz, 3rd was Bob Fox with 51lbs 5oz, 4th Tony Cruci with 38lbs 8oz and 5th Jeff Pearson with 29lbs 10oz . I was pleased that the lake fished so well with that many anglers. Pic is Barry Cornel with Alan Sims and Tony Parker

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