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Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match/outing

1st Phil Whitmill 25lbs 2oz
2nd Jeff Pearson 19lbs 7oz
3rd Rob Calderón 16lbs 6oz
4th Fred Hunt 15lbs 5oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Phil's day

Hi to all, the Weds club fished its match at Hall Farm big lake this week. It was another dry day with a cold breeze so still got to wrap up well. I drew peg 12, it's a very moody peg with more off days than good ones so I didn't run to my peg. Before I could get started I had to lift the big rope out of the water - this is used as a bird scarer.

I picked out two spots where I wanted to fish: one a pole swim and the other a feeder swim. I fed my pole swim with micro pellets and red maggots and then left this alone for an hour and started on my feeder swim. Within 40 minutes had a pull round but must have been a line bite. With no more indications I went on my pole line. By this time the wind had got a lot worse and, with no chance of decent presentation, I quit the pole after 45 minutes as it was to much of a battle. So back on the feeder and, by midday, got my first fish a carp about 3lbs then went on to catch the odd carp until the whistle went.

I weighed in 25lb 2oz a good result for this time of the year. 1st Phil Whitmill with 25lbs 2oz, 2nd Jeff Pearson with 19lbs 7oz, 3rd Rob Calderón with 16lbs 6oz and 4th Fred Hunt with 15lbs 5oz. With no blanks a good day was had. When we arrived, we were met by a young swan on the lake a rare sight for this time of year. As soon as I set up he plagued me for a couple of hours before he took off for the river. Pic is peg 12.

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