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Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Summer League match

1st Tony Cruci 83lbs 8oz
2nd Bill Beeston 81lbs 8oz
3rd Tony Parker 74lbs 14oz
4th Phil Whitmill 64lbs 8oz

Summer League match
Summer League match

Phil's day

Hi all, it was our 4th round of the summer league at Hall Farm with the Weds club. I drew peg 18 - it's been hit or miss down that end of the lake so I was hoping the hot weather had got the fish on the move. I set up a pellet wag and a feeder but my main hopes lay with the pole. Made up 3 lines one at 10 meters and both margins - that's where I expected to do most of my fishing. I had only a limited selection of bait bread, corn and pellet. At different stages of the day tried all of them. On the corn got pestered by rudd and roach same for everything else - I was using bread the size of a 2 pence coin and the small fish just wouldn't let it go down so made up a sacrificial line and fed the small stuff. This worked as I weighed in 64lbs 8 oz.

1st Tony Cruci from peg 8 with 83lbs 8oz, 2nd Bill Beeston on peg 26 with 81lbs 8oz, 3rd was Tony Parker peg 2 with 74lbs 14oz and 4th Phil Whitmill on peg 18 with 64lbs 8oz. Happy to report no blanks and all anglers had double figures.

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