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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match/outing

1st Steve Foster 38lbs 5oz
2nd Bill Beeston 32lbs 5oz
3rd Ray Gibson 29lbs 8oz
4th Terry Moranda 17lbs 9oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Phil's day

Hi all, we fished our Weds match at Hall Farm. I drew peg 2 really didn't want that bank but it is what you draw. It's had one good outing in the past 8 weeks but very poor before and after that. I started off on feeder but nothing was happening so onto my margin line the carp were there but didn't want to know. Managed to catch 3 throughout the day and a few silvers but foul hooked and lost 5 not a good day but at least the rain held off.

1st Steve Foster with 38lbs 5oz, 2nd Bill Beeston with 32lbs 5oz, 3rd Ray Gibson with 29lbs 8oz and 4th Terry Moranda with 17lbs 9oz. Pic is peg 10 with Peter Green

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