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Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match/outing

1st John Carter 69lbs 14oz
2nd Jeff Pearson 61lbs 5oz
3rd Bill Beeston 52lbs 7oz
4th Tony Cruci 36lbs 12oz

Club match/outing
Club match/outing

Phil's day

Good day to you all, the Weds Club fished its match at Hall Farm. The weather was very good after a night of rain, I drew peg 4 not a good peg for me but you got to get on with it and it has turned up some good weights this year. I fished the usual methods of pole and feeder but nothing was happening. I could see the new guy, John, was catching and Jeff, who was 2 pegs away from him, was doing OK so it was just my bank struggling. I tried different things throughout the morning then I got one on the pole which felt a largeish fish. I played it around in front of me then it happened - my power kit with fish attached became separated and I just sat there and watched as it disappeared in to the deeps. Just my luck £100 worth of kit never to be seen again or so I thought.

I brought into action my backup power top and got and landed my first carp. I had a couple more on my right hand side before it died so turned round to my left hand side and got a couple down there. As I looked across the lake I could hear Terry shouting something - as I looked to the middle of the lake I could just see my power top sticking out the water by a foot. This was not going to stay like it for long so I walked to the empty peg opposite, stripped off down to my underpants and waded in. I didn't realise how deep the water was out there I just managed to get hold of it with the water level up to my upper chest and made my way back to dry land, towelled myself dry, rung out my pants and put my dry clothing on. What a relief and now back to why I am here. Went on to come 5th overall only to be beaten by 1lb to 4th. To cap the day off Terry, who shouted to me earlier in the day when my top kit resurfaced, was also stripped off to his pants and was wading in the lake. He had lost his power kit and, to make it worse for him, half his 3 section of his pole and that was never seen again.

Results 1st John Carter with 69lbs 14oz, 2nd Jeff Pearson with 61lbs 5oz, 3rd Bill Beeston with 52lbs 7oz and 4th Tony Cruci with 36lbs 12oz. Well done to all.

[Ed - you will pleased to know no photos from today's match!]

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