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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Phil Whitmill 48lbs 9oz
2nd Bill Beeston 46lbs
3rd Jeff Pearson 39lbs 4oz
4th Tony Cruci 36lbs 2oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Good morning to all, I fished the Weds club match at Hall Farm club lake. It was going to be a nice day weather wise so it's going to be all down to the draw. I drew peg 12 on the low bank so already pleased with that, its a short walk from the car so can't be bad. Fed just two lines; one on my right margin and one on my left margin and a pellet waggler for open water and, of course, a feeder. I fed pellet and corn to my left and pellet and red maggots to my right. After 2 hours with not a bite I got up and had a chat with Barry on the next peg down to see if he was as bad off as I was. He had got a couple of carp and had been broke up on a third so it was just me then. Back to my peg after the brief chat went and back on my right margin and got two carp instant so hope yet. Moved on further down the margin and picked off 4 more then nothing so moved further down still and picked off a few more all the while they are backing further away. I finally ran out of pole sections and stayed with that - weighed in 48lbs 9oz for a tight 1st place and a golden peg win.

1st Phil Whitmill with 48lbs 9oz, 2nd Bill Beeston with 46lbs, 3rd Jeff Pearson with 39lbs 4oz and 4th Tony Cruci with 36lbs 2oz

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