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Sunday, 7 November 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match

1st Gary Pickard 54lbs 10oz
2nd David Jones 24lbs 5oz
3rd Phil Whitmill 20lbs 14oz

Club match
Club match

Gary's day

The cold days of the week clearly had people preferring to stay warm in bed this Sunday.

After the struggle many had had at Beggars Hall in the mid-week Inter-club match it was going to be hit and miss as to whether the F1s fed. The smaller turnout did though give everyone a bit of room. The BBC's forecast of moderate wind was a little optimistic and it was a struggle to fish more than a top 4 for most of us. I drew peg 6 and was quite happy with this being around the middle of the lake. Not knowing how it would fish I set up a couple of pole rigs and a feeder rod. The pole was a waste of time as the wind was too gusty to get reasonable presentation despite a few goes so that left the feeder. It was a steady day swapping between a cage and maggot feeder searching around the peg for the fish with the F1s showing willingness to feed. I even managed a small skimmer - but just the one.

Hall Farm fished well though and everyone had a few bites with the deeper half of the lake towards the M11 perhaps fishing a little better than the shallower car park end that are the favoured pegs.

1st Gary Pickard 54lbs 10oz, 2nd David Jones 24lbs 5oz and 3rd Phil Whitmill 20lbs 14oz

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