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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match/outing

1st Phil Whitmill 54lbs 8oz
2nd Terry Moranda 36lbs 8oz
3rd Bill Beeston 36lbs 2oz
4th Peter Green 35lbs 3oz

Club  match/outing
Club  match/outing

Phil's day

Good morning to all, the Weds club fished the summer league 2nd round at Hall Farm. I drew peg 24 not a bad peg so I knew I would find a few fish. Made 3 lines up for the pole and a pellet waggler and a feeder just in case. I cupped in on all my pole lines: 1 at 10 meters and 2 either side in the margin. I decided to go straight out on the waggler with 6mm banded pellet and within seconds had a take but couldn't connect. Tried again still the same so changed baits and got 2 then nothing so onto my pole lines. Tried out at 10 meters but just a few roach so onto my margin lines. Left hand side nothing. Right hand side good roach and rudd to over half a pound so put those in the keepnet till something better came along. By 11am got my first carp out of the margins so stayed with that until it dried up about 2ish the back on the pellet waggler for half a hour but they were not interested. So back to the margin and almost straight away got 3 more so stayed with it till the end. I tipped back the roach and rudd because I needed the net for carp. I ended up with 54lbs 8 oz for 1st place, well done to all, some half decent weights came out from all over the lake

1st place Phil Whitmill with 54lbs 8oz, 2nd Terry Moranda with 36lbs 8oz, 3rd Bill Beeston with 36lbs 2oz and 4th Peter Green with 35lbs 3oz. Pic is my peg no. 24.

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