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Wednesday, 6 March 2024

Hall Farm Large Lake

Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Bishop's Stortford won with 60 points to Abbey Cross's 44 points

1st Martin Adams 31lbs 1oz
2nd Tony Cruci 16lbs 14oz
3rd Rob Calderón 16lbs 2oz
4th Jeff Pearson 13lbs 6oz
5th John Todd 11lbs 6oz

Interclub (Abbey Cross)
Interclub (Abbey Cross)

Phil's day

Hi all, the Weds club fished its monthly inter club against Abbey Cross this week. It was a good turn out on what should have been a good day - the weather was good, the lake looked very good but that's where it stopped. I drew peg 17 but for weighing purposes I swapped with Tony on 7. I made two lines on 7 meters and both margins and a feeder at 25 meters and that's where it stopped until 15 mins before the end of the match. I was thinking "not another blank" when the feeder went round and got a 2lb 14 oz carp.

1st Martin Adams with 31lbs 1oz, 2nd Tony Cruci with 16lbs 14oz, 3rd Rob Calderón with 16lbs 2oz, 4th Jeff Pearson with 13lbs 6oz and 5th John Todd with 11lbs 6oz. It was a very good win for Bishop's Stortford with 60 points to Abbey Cross 44 points. Well done to the team. Pic is peg 7 - my spot for the day.

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