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Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Hall Farm Large Lake

Club match

1st Phil Whitmill 45lbs 1oz
2nd Jeff Pearson 29lbs 6oz
3rd Tony Parker 20lb 13oz
4th Steve Foster 19lbs 6oz

Club match
Club match

Phils' day

Hi all, it's been another lovely day sitting in the sun. We fished the Hall Farm club lake. I drew peg 2, it's a flyer but you still got to do the work to catch. I have fished flyers before and they don't always produce the fish. I made up 2 lines for the pole - 1 at 10 meters and 1 down the margin and the feeder for further out to the middle. I started off cupping in 6mm pellet and red maggots on my pole lines I left them to rest and started off on my feeder. This instantly produced roach and rudd to half pound or so - only 2 of each but it was a surprise as we haven't seen them all winter. With little else coming I went on my pole lines. The 10 meter line produced 3 more rudd of the golden variety stunning colour. This dried up so onto the margin - this is where I will do most of my fishing today. It had taken a hour to find a couple of carp and I was beginning to think it wasn't going to switch on but by 1ish I started to pull a few better carp and the last hour produced more regular. Ended my day with 45lbs 1oz for 1st place

1st Phil Whitmill 45lbs 1oz, 2nd Jeff Pearson with 29lbs 6oz , 3rd Tony Parker with 20lb 13oz and 4th Steve Foster with 19lbs 6oz well done to all

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