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Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Hall Farm Large Lake

Wednesday Club

1st Tony Parker 54lbs 3oz
2nd Peter Green 40lbs 3oz
3rd Fred Hunt 25lbs 8oz
4th Steve Foster 24lbs 1oz

Wednesday Club
Wednesday Club

Phil's day

Hi all, fished the Weds club match at Hall Farm. The weather had taken a bit of a tumble but at least it was dry. Only 10 anglers today so I decided to use only one side of the lake. I drew peg 11 not a good peg but you never know. Made up 3 pole lines: one at 7 meters at a depth of 12 foot; one for the margins; and an up in the water rig; and then a feeder just in case. Started off cupping in micro pellet and red maggots and left that to work while I fished the feeder. After 20 mins had my first carp about a 1lb or so so stuck with the feeder for another hour but nothing, not a touch so onto my long line. Nothing so tried my margins and had a few roach and rudd but that's all. Back on the feeder and half hour later another carp about a 1lb. With half a hour to go I noticed a couple of carp moving about so on to my shallow rig set about 10 inches and had a couple of enquiries but no takes. The guy on peg next to me had packed up and came over to talk to me - I just took my eyes off the float for a second and next thing my pole is being pulled round and ended the day with 7lb 13oz and came nowhere.

Well done to the framers 1st Tony Parker with 54lbs 3oz, 2nd Peter Green with 40lbs 3oz, 3rd Fred Hunt with 25lbs 8oz and 4th Steve Foster with 24lbs 1oz.

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